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For the Love of Grooming

Lisa Marie

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Personalized Grooming for all Dogs

At Everyday Pet Styles our expert groomer has over 29 years of experience grooming all kinds of dogs and puppies.


We can groom, bath, brush and style any dog of any age and even dogs with medical conditions or the ones that have been previously abused.


All dogs are welcomed to enjoy the luxury of a great grooming experience with us.

Your pup will receive the star treatment from experienced dog groomer Lisa Marie.


We offer complete cleaning, clipping of nails, teeth brushing, styling and more

to ensure your dog leaves healthy

and beautiful!


Even if your dog is a bit difficult or resistant, we will work on it and offer love and respect for a successful grooming result.

Bathe and Brush

Clip and Clean

Compassion and care for your dog

Hand fluffed, scissor

hair styles

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